Why do I have to go to Immigration Court?

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If you are required to appear to the Immigration Court in removal proceedings, it is because the U.S. Government believes you are removable from the United States under one or more provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”). However, this may not mean that you face imminent removal from the United States. Instead, it means, that you could be removed from the United States by the Immigration Judge at the conclusion of your proceedings. The Immigration Judge also has the authority to grant an application for relief to removal, following its adjudication in Court.

What happens at Deportation Court?

At your removal proceedings, the Immigration Judge will provide you with an opportunity to present and submit any and all applications you may have available to you as potential relief to your removal. These applications, if any, once submitted will subsequently be adjudicated by the Immigration Judge, who will decide whether the relief application(s) presented by the individual warrants relief under the Immigration Law. In addition to statutory eligibility for the relief sought, in general, an individual must also be a person of good moral character and otherwise demonstrate to the Court that he or she warrants a favorable exercise of discretion for the relief sought.

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To determine whether you are eligible to submit an application in defense to your removal in Immigration Court proceedings, you should consult with an experienced Chicago immigration attorney who specializes in representing individuals in proceedings before the Immigration Court. At Cipolla Law Group, our immigration attorneys have extensive experience representing immigrants before the immigration courts and in Federal court settings. Call (773) 687-0549 or contact us online for a consultation. We speak Spanish, Chinese and Italian.

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