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Chicago Immigration lawyers open virtually

Are you urgently looking for an Chicago Immigration lawyer to help with your immigration status? Are you in a dangerous situation or an abused or trafficked victim that needs a legal status and protection? We can help!

As Illinois Governor JB Pritzker announced a “Stay-at-home” order that came into effect last Saturday on March 21, 2020, only businesses that provide essential services such as law firms can stay opened. As an immigration law firm located in Chicago, we are committed to provide professional legal services to our clients even during this difficult time.

What about “Social-Distancings”?

Keeping our staff and clients safe and healthy are our priority. While our law firm continues to operate and business hours remain the same, you can rest assure that we can assist you either via phone or video calls. Our law firm is equipped with professional cloud storage and IT system that allow us to work securely practically anywhere. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us either by phone or email.

What about urgent immigration matter?

As we’d like to eliminate in person meeting, under exceptional circumstances we may still meet our clients in person, if we believe it is necessary to do so. We will provide face masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray before, during and after our meeting.

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If you have questions about immigration or is looking for an immigration attorney in Chicago with great experience and excellent client reviews, please contact us for a consultation. We are located in Downtown Chicago and Lincoln Park and can assist you over the phone or video calls at the comfort of your home.