Change/Extension of Status

Change of Status

Generally, a change of status application is available for anyone who lawfully entered the US with a non-immigrant visa, such as a F1 Student visa or Visitor visa, to another non-immigrant visa such an H1B specialty worker visa or other non immigrant visas. In order to change status, it is generally required that applicant’s nonimmigrant status remains valid at the time of the application and has not committed any crimes that would make him/her ineligible. Additionally, the Applicant must prove that they are eligible for the new status being petitioned or applied for. However, not all nonimmigrant status are eligible to change status, and some may require one to physically leave the U.S. before being allowed to enter again on the same or different visa status. If you wish to know more on whether you are eligible to apply for change of status, please contact Cipolla Law Group to schedule a Consultation.

Extension of Stay

You may apply for an extension of stay in the United States if:
  • You were lawfully admitted in the US as a nonimmigrant;
  • You have not committed an act that makes you ineligible to receive an Immigration benefit;
  • There are no other factors that require you to depart the United States.
An extension of stay application should be filed timely. However, under certain circumstances, a late submission of the extension of stay application may be excused. Moreover, it is important to note that not every non-immigration visa holders are eligible to extend their stay. If you are considering extending your temporary stay in the United States and needs assistance from an experienced immigration lawyer or attorney to handle your extension of stay application, contact Cipolla Law Group to schedule a Consultation. Other Applications

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