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Katherine Sin

Katherine is an Administrator at Cipolla Law Group. She earned her LLB Law Degree from the United Kingdom and LLM Master of Law Degree from Hong Kong, China. She is also a certified mediator from DePaul University, Chicago Illinois.

Katherine has over a decade experience working as an office manager at our Chicago immigration law firm. As an experienced legal professional, she is responsible for managing the administrative functions of our firm, billing, and marketing. She speaks Cantonese Chinese and often works with our Chicago Chinese Immigration lawyers, ensuring we deliver the best immigration services to our Chinese clients.

Katherine is a first-generation immigrant in Hong Kong as her father and grandparents were Chinese refugees in the 40s, when the Japanese invaded mainland China and Hong Kong. During her childhood, she often listened to stories from her family the hardship they experienced as refugees and the importance of hard work, education, and perseverance. She loves telling the story of her grandmother who, just three days after arriving in Hong Kong from mainland China, managed to find a job as a factory worker. She retired some 40 years later, having worked at the same factory all that time.

Prior to immigrating to the U.S., Katherine spent almost a decade studying in the U.K. She is the first and only college graduate in her family, an achievement that she believed she wouldn’t have had reached had it not been for God’s grace and her hardworking family. As an immigrant herself in the U.S., Katherine understands what it’s like to start a new life in a foreign country; this unique experience has given her a passion for U.S. immigration and the prospective she needs to better serve our clients. When Katherine is not working, she loves spending time with her family and cat, traveling, reading the bible, cooking, and following the British Royal Family news!!!



LLB – Bachelor of Law
Cardiff University  (United Kingdom)

LLM Master of Law
City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

Certified Mediator
DePaul University



Cantonese Chinese


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