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Katherine Sin

Katherine is an Administrator at Cipolla Law Group. She earned her LLB Law Degree from the United Kingdom and LLM Master of Law Degree from Hong Kong, China. She is also a certified mediator from DePaul University.  Having lived and studied in Hong Kong, the U.K. and the U.S. Katherine learned that the world is big, life can be full of surprises and challenges, and seeking help from the right friend or counsel is crucial especially if you’re in a foreign place.

Katherine has over a decade experience working as an administrator at our law firm.  As an experienced legal professional, she is responsible for managing the administrative functions of our firm, such as ensuring the delivery of high quality legal services and clients satisfaction, billing and assisting of marketing of our legal services.

When Katherine is not working, she likes to read the bible, cook, practice Kung Fu and spend time with her two cats and family.



LLB – Bachelor of Law
Cardiff University  (United Kingdom)

LLM Master of Law
City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

Certified Mediator
DePaul University





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