Should We Apply for a Marriage Visa (K3), Immigrant Visa, Fiance Visa (K1), or Marriage Green Card & Adjustment of Status?

A common question we hear is, “what should we do, should we apply for a k1 fiance visa, k3 marriage visa, an Immigrant Visa, or marriage green card adjustment of status?” Our common response is, it depends on your individual circumstances. The first factor is under immigration law what the client’s are eligible for. For example, is the beneficiary in the United States on a valid visa, have they accrued unlawful presence, is the US Citizen overseas or in the US. This is the most important question so as to determine what the clients are eligible for. The second factor is when and where do the clients want to get married? If the fiancé is overseas, and they can wait the 6 to 12 months for the case to be adjudicated, then the answer is a fiancé visa is the appropriate visa. Alternatively, is the fiancé in the US on a valid visa such as a student visa or h1b visa? Then the clients may be able to file for a marriage green card and adjustment of status. Or in more complicated scenarios, is the client here on a tourist visa or a visa waiver. There are a lot of variables in marriage visas, fiancé visas, and adjustment of status cases. And the right answer generally depends on the clients individual circumstances. Feel free to contact us to analyze your case and determine if we can represent you in your marriage green card, fiancé visa, or adjustment of status case.