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Chicago immigration law firm with 25+ years experience

Cipolla Law Group is a full service immigration law firm dedicated to achieving your goals in a competent, trusting and cost-effective manner. Our practice focuses 100% on immigration matters, from employment, investment or marriage based applications to humanitarian visas and finding immigration options for undocumented individuals.

Results Matter

United States Immigration law is a complex and evolving area of law. With almost 30 years of collective experience, we are skilled to unravel complex and sophisticated immigration cases. Our results speak for themselves as we have an excellent and proven track record at the United States of Citizenship and Immigration Services and Consulates throughout the world. You may click here to see some of our sample approved cases.

High Quality Immigration Representation and Reasonable Fees

We strive to become the best immigration law firm in Chicago and United States by delivering high quality immigration representation to our clients with reasonable fees.  Our fees protect your interests while also ensuring that our time and expertise is properly valued.  We offer both flat fee and hourly rated legal representation.  For client’s with less complex or time-consuming cases that are completed within the set time parameters, we only charge a flat fee.  For cases that are more complex, we offer an affordable fixed flat fee and hourly fee so that you only pay for the time needed to complete the balance of your case.  Our representation and fee structure is intended to:

  • Understand your immigration goals and limits.
  • Provide a customized immigration strategy to prepare, present and strengthen your immigration case.
  • Forms preparation, along with supplementing with strong supporting documents to maximize your chance of approval.
  • Developing the evidence to support proving your case.
  • Navigate pitfalls and obstacles throughout the process and determine efficient strategies to achieve our client goals.
  • Giving you personal attention by providing at least one licensed attorney along with our team of legal professionals to handle your case from start to finish.
  • We treat our clients case as if it is our own and strive to make their cases the strongest possible.


 Accessible Immigration Law Firm

Our office is located in the heart of the financial district of downtown Chicago, Illinois. We can be reached via emails, phones or personal visits by all public transportation available in Chicago and meter parking is available throughout the downtown area. We utilize advanced communication technology and immigration case management system, so that our clients can contact us securely anytime and from anywhere throughout the application process.