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National Interest Waiver Attorney

NIW Client’s Credential:
Engineer with Ph.D. in Chemistry specializing in Dialysate Regeneration Systems
When was it filed?
In 2020 during Trump’s Administration
Request for Evidence?
The case was approved without RFE

Not long ago, a chemical engineer reached out to Cipolla Law Group for filing an EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) petition on his behalf. With a Ph.D. in Chemistry and extensive experience working in the field of renal care innovations, our client was a good candidate for the EB-2 NIW category. Once we confirmed with the client the overall strategy for the case based on the three prongs under the Matter of Dhanasar framework, we moved forward together to build a strong case.

Our first priority was to provide a thesis of the client’s achievements and his proposed endeavor in a very easy to understand manner to the adjudicating officer in an effort to convince the officer that our client deserved the national interest waiver within the first several pages of the petition. To achieve this, we worked closely with the client to create a concise and powerful case summary. We then drafted a detailed support letter highlighting the client’s achievements in solving the primary roadblock towards the development of a mobile dialysis device. We focused on conducting research to demonstrate that our client’s work has both substantial merit and national importance. We gathered a wealth of evidence to support this argument, including documentation showing millions of Americans suffer from kidney disease, hardship dialysis patients face under current treatment regime, the importance of removing urea from a dialysis solution, the critical need for portable dialysis device, and U.S. government’s support in advancing innovations of dialysate regeneration systems.

According to the recent NIW adjudication trend, we also ensured to fully explore the client’s background, past achievements, and the current industry demand to persuade the adjudicating officer that our client was well-positioned to advance his important work. From his education, citation, publication, patents, and media attention, we listed them all and explained in detail why each demonstrates his position as a leading expert in his field.

Last but not least, behind every successful NIW case is a collection of strong expert recommendation letters and attorney’s letter. Boilerplate letters are considered as having little probative value by USCIS. As such, we worked closely with the client and carefully selected the most appropriate experts. Based on our assistance, our client secured four recommendation letters from leading experts in his field. The words contributed by these experts strongly advocated for the approval of his case.

After crafting a comprehensive and customized case, we filed the NIW petition with a total submission of over 600 pages on our client’s behalf. Less than nine months after we filed the case, we received the approval without RFE. We congratulate this client for this approval, and we are grateful for his trust throughout the process.

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