Immigration & Current World Events

There are many significant world events occurring in the last couple weeks, the Tsunami in Japan and protests in the Middle East. Embassies and Consulates around the world may not be open during protests or may only be partially running. The Tokyo Embassy was open on Monday March 14 following the tragic Tsunami. The fact that the Embassy in Tokyo opened today was extremely impressive given the extent of physical and emotional damage from Friday’s Tsunami. Our prayers go out to the people of Japan.

We expect that the various Consulates in the Middle East will be partially open. Protests in areas such as Bahrain may make it difficult for normal Consulate activities such as Immigrant Visa and I-130 filings. The Embassy in Egypt has suspended visa services due to security concerns. We encourage our clients to contact us in advance of interviews and filings to determine if the Embassy/Consulate is open.

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