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H-1B Employer: Airline Services Company
H-1B Beneficiary’s Credential: Business Administration Degree
When was it filed? In 2019 during the Trump Administration
Employer’s H-1B Experience: None
Complexity Level (1 to 10): 9 – Highly complex

A small boutique airline services company that had never employed an H1B Beneficiary previously reached out to us about a potential employee.  The employee had a Business Administration degree while his role related to develop pricing models.  We worked with the employer and beneficiary on the H1B requirements, and in particular a role that could potentially be interpreted by USCIS as a specialty occupation. After much discussion and analysis, we determined that a cost estimator role could meet the definition of a specialty occupation while being able to prove the Beneficiary’s Business Administration Degree. 

To add to the challenge, we were engaged approximately three weeks before the H1B deadline of the first 5 business days of April.  While making the deadline, the case received a request for evidence.  We worked with the client in providing guidance in detailing the business administration and quantitative principles and courses required to complete the position. 

An extremely detailed job description and education principles section was developed as part of a 22 page employer statement along with a 48 page Attorney Support Letter.  The total packet included several expert letters with a total submission of over 350 pages.  The RFE response led to the approval of an extremely complicated H1B Petition in a very challenging immigration environment under the Trump Administration.

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