EB1(c) Managers and Executive Transferees

EB1(C) Green Card – Managers and Executive Transferees

Employment Based Visas lead to Lawful Permanent Residence (“Green Card”). There are 140,000 employment based green cards for applicants who can prove that either they are the best in their field or whose labor or works skills are needed to fill the gaps and needs of the United States workforce. There are five preference categories of Employment Based Green Cards and each category has sub-categories. Each category of Employment Based Green Card starts with an “EB” and is further divided by number based on preference such as EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4, EB5. Please see below for the list of EB Green Cards. The level of priority can be a significant factor as generally the higher the preference level, the less wait time, if any visas wait time at all. For a list of the current priority dates, please see the visa bulletin at this link.

Multinational Executives and Managers

The requirements for EB1(c) Multinational Executives and Managers are highly analogous to L1 Requirements and is a common Green Card Category pursued by L1 Visa holders. EB1 green cards require proof of the following:
  • Alien must be employed abroad for one year in last 3 years by firm, corporation, affiliate, or subsidiary owned or affiliated by an entity in the US. The entity in the US can be a joint venture or other related entity. The 1 year requirement may be met even in the Applicant is in the US for more than 3 years and is working for the same or affiliated entity of the overseas entity/employer.
  • The Alien must enter the US to continue to render services to the same employer or affiliate in the capacity that is “managerial” or “executive” in function. In contrast to an L1 visa, the EB1 Multinational Executive or Manager may not be a key employee of specialized knowledge. The Managerial and Executive capacity are usually the requirement that is scrutinized by USCIS. Its important to properly define the position and put forward strong supporting evidence.
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