Citizenship and Naturalization

Naturalization (N-400) is the process by which an Alien obtains United States Citizenship. The benefits of Citizenship are:
  • Bringing family members to the US
  • Voting
  • Obtaining citizenship for children born abroad
  • Traveling with a US Passport
To be eligible for naturalization, the following are required:
  1. Must be a permanent resident. Conditional Residents and persons in military duty may be exempt from this requirement;
  2. Must be 18 or over;
  3. Must have resided for at least 2 months in the State where the Application is filed;
  4. Must meet the good moral character requirements for 5 years (3 years for marriage to US Citizen) prior to filing and up to the time of admission, however USCIS retains the right to inquire more than 5 years;
  5. Must not have unlawfully voted or made false claim as US Citizen;
  6. Must meet the continuous and Physical Residence requirements.:
    1. Continuous Residence is generally 5 years (Application may be made after 4 years and 9 months), however for persons receiving permanent residence through marriage to a US Citizen, it is 3 years (Application may be made after 2 years and 9 months).
    2. Physical Residence – Must be physically present in the United States at least one-half of the 5 years (or one-half of the 3 years if permanent residence obtained through marriage to a US Citizen).
Satisfying and understanding the Naturalization requirements can be challenging, it is important to consult with and be represented by an experienced Immigration Attorney. Contact Cipolla Law Group for a consultation. Other Applications

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