DOS Proposed Rule: Increase in Non-Immigrant Visa Application fees from $131 to $140

A newly proposed rule by the Department of State may amend the application fees for most Non-Immigrant Visa Applications from $131 to $140. The rule also provides new application fees for certain areas of petition based non-immigrant visas, treaty traders and investor visas.

The Department of State intends to implement this proposed rule, after the 60-day public comment period following the proposed rule’s publication in the Federal Register today, and after they had the opportunity to consider all the public comments. If you have any comments on this proposed rule, you may send an written comment to the Department of State to the following address:

Department of State
Office of the Executive Director
Bureau of Consular Affairs
U.S. Department of State
Suite H1001, 2401 E Street
NW., Washington, DC 20520

or Email:

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