DACA – Path to Citizenship?

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On July 10, 2020, during a television interview with a Spanish TV network anchor, President Trump said that he would be signing a new executive order on immigration that will provide a pathway to citizenship.

“We will be working on the legal complexity right now,” said President Trump.

President Trump followed up his comments during a Press Conference on July 14, 2020 further reiterating that he was going to sign a new Executive Order for DACA with a path to citizenship.  His comments have also emphasized adding a permanent merit-based system. 

As the Executive Order is not available, we do not know the scope, eligibility criteria, or other information.  However, whenever you hear DACA and path to citizenship, it is exciting news.  If President Trump does sign an Executive Order providing a pathway to citizenship, it will be interesting to see how both Republicans and Democrats alike react. 

Democrats known as a party for immigrants may not want to give President Trump an opportunity to take credit for immigration advancements.  On the other hand, some Republicans may be concerned about whether the Executive Order is considered “amnesty.”  The point of the Republican and Democrat responses is whether either side will want to challenge whether President Trump has the authority to issue the Executive Order.  A lot will depend on the details, assuming an Executive Order is signed. 

Can DACA recipients become U.S. citizens?

As an immigration attorney, it is exciting to hear that DACA recipients will be provided a path to citizenship. This is especially true, as DACA has been subject to numerous legal battles in the past few years. Even President Trump in the past, has said that DACA needed a better fix as it only provided a temporary solution to a broader problem that Congress repeated failed to fix. 

On the same note, formal President Obama admitted that he couldn’t “just bypass Congress and change the (immigration) law myself. … That’s not how a democracy works.” However, that exactly what he did, bypassing Congress and created DACA, and for two years during his Presidency, Congress which was controlled by the Democratic Party, also rejected to pass a Bill to provide such government benefits to DACA recipients. So, whether it is politics or genuinely wanting to have it fixed, DACA needs a better solution to this problem, whether it comes from the Democrat or Republican.

Future for DACA

As of 2020, and the latest Supreme Court’s ruling in June 2020 , the government was supposed to resume accepting DACA applications.  However, USCIS has not given any guidance on the matter. 

On July 14, 2020, President Trump said he will sign the Executive Order very soon.  If you are a DACA recipient or are qualified to become one, please stay tuned to the news and the development of DACA.   We will do our best to help decipher the news and provide unbiased information. 

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