DHS pauses New DACA Applications

DHS puts DACA on hold Chicago Immigration lawyers

On July 28, 2020, Department of State Acting Secretary Chad Wolf issued a memo, once again putting DACA program on hold while they are reconsidering the DACA program.

Latest DHS Memo on DACA

This latest DHS memo, instructed the DHS to do the following:

  • rejects all NEW DACA applications;
  • rejects all PENDING DACA applications that have already been filed ;
  • DACA renewals after the issuance of this memo will only be renewed to a year, as opposed to two years.

The effect of the July 2020 DHS DACA Memo

As of the day of the blog post written, the immigration (USCIS) will not accept new DACA applications. They will reject all new and pending DACA applications effective July 28, 2020. In the meantime, DHS and the Trump administration will fully reconsider the DACA policy. They will likely either cancel DACA all together or provide a pathway to citizenship for DACA.

Contact an experienced Chicago Immigration lawyer

While the DACA program remains uncertain and ever-changing, there might be other options available to you such as U visa, VAWA, I-601A etc… Our Chicago immigration lawyers have over 30 years of collective experience and helped many undocumented young people and families to find their ways to live legally in the U.S. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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