Comprehensive Immigration Reform: The next 2 years a question mark?

The Republicans took control of the Senate, which means the Republicans now have control of Congress. Immediately after the 2012 Presidential election, the Republicans were vowing Immigration reform, as they learned that the Latino vote was a important contributor to President Obama’s reelection. It’s no secret that many in the Latino community are in support of immigration reform. After President Obama’s reelection in 2012, he vowed action on Immigration reform. 2 years later, nothing. No action, only talk a couple of weeks prior to the 2014 mid-term elections whereby President Obama promised Executive action on immigration reform. While the republicans did not run on immigration reform, President Obama did. As an immigration lawyer, it’s important to try and stay up to date on pending immigration legislation. As of now, the waters are very murky. All we have to go on are the reputations of both parties at the moment. Perhaps as the new Congress prepares to take effect in January 2015 we will have more information.

Republicans have been known for supporting improving the business immigration system, primarily in piecemeal steps. Perhaps the H1B quota will be increased allowing for employers to hire more foreign nationals. Maybe more entrepreneurship and investment categories will be established. For example, the E2 treaty investor category, generally used for the formation of new businesses or purchases of existing businesses by foreigners of countries with an established treaty will be made available for citizens of countries that do not have a treaty with the United States such as China and India.

President Obama’s executive action could include broadening the Deferred Action system to non-dreamers. This could bring opposition from Republicans who believe this would be back door amnesty.

While I would not expect anything to be even considered until sometime in 2015, you may start to hear the political arguing over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.