Choosing Between an Immigrant Visa and K3 Marriage Visa

A question we are often asked by our clients is “should we choose an Immigrant Visa or K3 Visa”. The answer again is, it depends. Generally speaking K3 visas are quicker than Immigrant Visas. However, Immigrant Visas are generally more efficient in terms of costs and the overall process as K3 visa require eventual adjustment of status. Consequently, the choice between a K3 Visa and Immigrant Visa is very fact specific and requires a full understanding of each client’s particular situation in making the appropriate decision. And as usual, each case needs to be done appropriately from the start to avoid unnecessary time delays and to give the best chance of approval so that the reasons for the choice between the K3 or Immigrant Visa are enjoyed. Feel free to contact us for an initial evaluation of your case and to discuss whether a K3 Visa or Immigrant Visa is more appropriate for you.