5 Things you need to know about the Supreme Court Ruling on DACA

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As of November 2022, DACA has changed from being a policy to a regulation. This change is the result of over 6000 comments received during a public comment period. Under this final rule, DACA recipients are able to live, work, and study without fear of deportation as long as they meet certain criteria. For all current DACA recipients, USCIS will continue to accept DACA renewal and Employment Authorization applications. However, they will not accept new DACA applications at this time.

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As DACA constantly evolves, the information below is for reference only and might not be up to date.

Following the Supreme Court judgment on 6/18/2020, the DACA program has been restored. As of today 6/26/2020, the USCIS (United States of Citizenship and Services) and the Department of Homeland Security still has not provided any guidelines on the matter. We expect the President will issue another Executive Order attempting to block DACA. While DACA is still in effect at the moment, the lack of USCIS guidance creates uncertainty. Specifically, the Supreme Court says USCIS should process DACA applications, new filings and renewals alike while providing swift guidance. However, USCIS has stalled and only issued a decision essentially disagreeing with the Supreme Court’s decision.

While we cannot provide specific guidance given the uncertainty of the situation. As more information becomes available, we will do our best to provide objective information to help our client’s navigate the situation.

Instead of waiting for more DACA information given by the government, we’d like to remind our DACA communities the following important facts after the Supreme Court’s ruling on 6/19/2020.

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