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Cipolla Law Group has earned nation-wide recognition for our result-driven approach and uncompromising commitment to our clients’ success. Named as one of the TOP 10 immigration law firms in America, we strive to deliver the best immigration lawyer services in Chicago and beyond, providing superior and aggressive legal representations. Together as a team, we have over 30 years of experience in immigration law. We have EXCELLENT APPROVAL and have successfully obtained over 1,000 immigration visas, green cards, waivers and citizenships for our clients.

Our immigration lawyers have strong immigration experience and business background, giving us an unique appreciation of the difficult challenges our clients face. We understand the struggles and challenges of new immigrants as our team members come from different parts of the world such as China, Hong Kong (China), Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Brazil.  We combined our experience and knowledge to deliver the highest quality of services to our clients. Please call 773-687-0549 or contact us for a consultation.

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Multilingual Immigration Attorneys

Heloiza Bachul

Heloiza is a legal assistant at Cipolla Law Group. She is originally from Brazil and… (more...)

Immigration Lawyer Chicago

Gerald Cipolla, Esq.

Founder and Principal Attorney, Gerald Cipolla Esq. is known as a tenacious fighter who protects… (more...)

Abogado de inmigracion en USA

Natalia Curto Esq.

Natalia Curto is our experienced senior Associate Attorney whose practice focuses on Removal Proceedings and… (more...)

Chinese Immigration Lawyer Chicago JY

Jamie Yang Esq.

Jamie Yang is a Chicago Chinese immigration lawyer at Cipolla Law Group. She has extensive… (more...)

Laura Huicochea

Laura is a paralegal at Cipolla Law Group. She has over 10 years of experience… (more...)

hong Kong Chinese Immigration lawyer in America

Katherine Sin

Katherine is an Administrator at Cipolla Law Group. She earned her LLB Law Degree from… (more...)

Chicago Immigration Lawyers with Great Client Reviews

At Cipolla Law Group, our Chicago our immigration lawyers are dedicated to deliver the highest quality immigration representation.  Located in Chicago, Illinois, we provide high quality immigration services to clients throughout all 50 States and aboard.  Our attorneys put our client’s interest front and center.  Our approval and client reviews speak for themselves as we have over 100 five star reviews from our past clients.

Cipolla Law Group has been a lifesaver! They carefully walked us through every step of our complicated immigration process, which I don’t think we could have done without them! They were friendly and well-organized in providing the necessary dates, forms, and checklists for our case, and then properly compiling it all. We are very thankful for their work and help!

Levi Brown 2021

I cannot thank the team at Cipolla Law group enough. They advised, assisted, and comforted throughout the Green Card application process. Their assistance and support was invaluable. We achieved a successful result on Monday…by Wednesday I had already recommended them to someone else to use. I was an attorney in another jurisdiction and can appreciate quality legal services when I see them. Highly recommended.

Ian Mercer 2021

As a life long Mexican “American” I would strongly encourage everyone and anyone who may be facing legal hurdles regarding their immigration status to employee the help of Gerald Cipolla and his team. They took the time to listen, educate, and ultimately successfully put me on a path to becoming an American citizen. Your voices, hopes, and dreams will not be lost here. Viva La Raza!

Hector Hugo Avelar Rodriguez 2021

I wish I could give Cipolla Law Group a six star. Gerald (Jerry) and his team have been so, so helpful. Their expertise in immigration laws gave me confidence. They have great insights and thorough understandings of the expectations from USCIS. Their patience and never-late responses brought much peace to the process of my NIW (National Interest Waiver) application, which, by the way, was a straight approval without any RFE. My case wasn’t a strong one at all. I could never do this alone without their help.

Another thing that struck me much was their sincerity. I also talked with some other well-known immigration law firms, and they gave me a quote and urged me to send in my materials after 10 minutes on the phone. They just wanted my business without even knowing my background. At Cipolla Law Group, on the other hand, my lawyers spent a lot of time brainstorming with me how I should go with my case, just to make sure that they can really see a potential success in my case and that I am ready to invest a big chunk of money in this. They saw me as someone needing help, not as just another customer who could send in new checks. I rarely see this kind of sincerity and care from lawyers.

Jerry and his coworkers are absolutely outstanding in both expertise and work ethics. I am more than grateful.

Litong Chen 2021

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