Religious Workers

Religious Workers: (R1 Visa, R2 Visa)

R1 Visa – Eligible Applicants

R1 Visa is for a foreign national with a religious profession, occupation or vocation. These visas are available to a foreign national who:
  • Has been a member of a religious denomination for the two years immediately preceding the time of R visa application and such religious denomination is a genuine not-for-profit organization realized in the United States; and
  • To seeks to enter the United States for less than five years solely to carry on the activities of a religious worker.

R1 Visa Requirements – Qualified activities to be carried out by R1 Visa Applicants

The religious activities carried out by the Applicant must include at least one of the following:
  • Solely to carry on the vocation of a minister of the religious denomination;
  • To work for the religious organization at the request of the organization in a professional capacity;
  • To work for the organization, or a bona fide organization which is affiliated with the religious denomination, at the request of the organization in a religious vocation or occupation.

R2 Visa Applicants (Accompanying Relatives of R1 Visa Holders)

Spouses and Minor Children under the age of 21 of R1 Visa Holders are eligible for R2 Visas. The rules, restrictions, and requirements surrounding R Visas are extremely complicated and require a skilled attorney to lay out a clear strategy in light of the law and your particular circumstances as well as properly and efficiently file the application. Additionally, in recent years R visa petitions have been scrutinized by Immigration probably due to an increased number of fraudulent applications. It is important to have an experienced R visa lawyer in Chicago to prepare and submit your strongest case. Contact Cipolla Law Group for a consultation today.