Family Based Immigration

Other Immediate And Preference Relatives

Each year the Department of Homeland Security establishes a maximum number of family based green cards. The DHS distinguishes between “Immediate Relatives” and “Preference Relatives”. Immediate relatives are not subject to a numerical limit, whereas preference relatives which has created no wait time for Immediate Relatives and in many cases a long wait time for preference relatives. Consequently, it is advantageous to be categorized as an Immediate Relative to a sponsoring US Citizen.

Immediate Relatives

Immediate Relatives are defined as:
  • Children of US Citizens under 21 years of age that are unmarried;
  • Parents of US Citizen Children over 21 years of age;
  • Spouses of US Citizens.

Preference Relatives

Preference Relatives are defined according to 4 preference categories:
  1. Unmarried sons and daughters 21 and over of US Citizens;
  2. Spouses (Preference 2A) and unmarried children (Preference 2B) of lawful permanent residents;
  3. Married Sons and Daughters of US Citizens;
  4. Brothers and Sisters of US Citizens.
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