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Immigration Reform: Will Registered Provisional Status Lead to Permanent Residence?

Undocumented immigrants

Senate Bill 744, otherwise known as the Gang of Eight’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill was passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and has begun debate on the Senate floor.  While debating the bill on the Senate floor, it is my hope that a special emphasis on the visa numbers is analyzed and discussed.  It is my opinion that the current Immigration system has been severely damaged due to the insufficient Immigrant Visa Numbers and the lack of available non-immigrant and immigration visa options.  Big picture the structure of the Senate Bill is fair and does address the current problem.  But as we all know the devil is in the details and the details that caused the current immigration problem should be analyzed, solutions proposed and debated.  In other words, does Senate Bill 744 address the causes of the current immigration problem?  More specifically, are there adequate visa numbers available to eliminate the backlog and allow the current undocumented persons in the US a realistic path to citizenship?… Continue reading...

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Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act – Let’s Get It Right This Time Around

high skilled immigrants act

Brief History of High-Skilled Immigrants Act

The fairness of High Skilled Immigrants Act was discussed during a February 13, 2013 Senate Hearing.  If you recall, the Bill was introduced to the House in September 2011 and subsequently passed in November 2011 by the U.S. House of Representatives.  It has subsequently been stalled by the Senate.  However, during a Senate Hearing Senator Lee, a Republican from Utah stated he will be introducing the bill in the Senate.

What is the purpose of this Act? 

The purpose of the Fairness of High Skilled Immigrants Act is to “amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the per-country numerical limitation for employment-based immigrants, to increase the per-country numerical limitation for family-sponsored immigrants, and for other purposes.”

Who will be affected under this Act?

As many are aware, the per country limitations is a complete disaster.  By a simple review of the Visa Bulletin, you will see that a skilled worker in the Employment Based Green Card category of EB3 from India has over a 10 year wait time.… Continue reading...

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform 2013: Fight or flight?

Comprehensive Immigration Reform 2013 - Chicago Immigration Lawyer

The Immigration Reform 2013 debate, or rather “fight” is forming its foundation after having been lingering as a broken system for years.  This lingering has unfortunately been the cause of politics as opposed to doing what’s right for the country.  There have been repeated attempts to fix the system but unfortunately a lack of follow through by Congress.  No example makes this clearer than the frequent attempts by President George W Bush to repair the broken immigration system during his eight years as President.

Immigration Reform under Bush’s Presidency

President Bush attempted to secure the borders, create a guest worker program, add more H1B visas, and most notably pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  Love his politics or hate his politics, he at least tried to address the problems but ultimately failed at each attempt by the resistance in Congress.  For a list of some of President Bush’s speeches on Immigration, Ontheissues.org has compiled quotes from President Bush’s speeches regarding Immigration seen in this link.… Continue reading...

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Impact of Arbitrary Congressional Caps on Employment Visas


The recent discussion about comprehensive Immigration Reform by both Republican and Democratic leaders has been highly encouraging.  As many politicians say however, the Devil is in the details.  It will be very interesting and life changing for many if Comprehensive Immigration Reform is actually passed, and if so, what is actually passed.  A recent blog article by Walter Ewing of Immigration Policy Center (IPC) of the American Immigration Council in Washington, DC. , supported by studies from Think Tanks and Associations such as Brooking Institution and the Kaufman Foundation.  The studies highlighted some of the contributions that Immigrants make to America, through economics, business, and science.  In particular, Ewing’s article cited a study that stated foreigners conservatively contributed $21.8 Billion dollars to the U.S. economy.  Additionally, “the National Science Board estimates that, in 2009, immigrants accounted for 41.6% of all science-and-engineering workers in the United States who had a doctorate and 33.4 percent those with a master’s degree.… Continue reading...

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform – Is it finally here?

Immigration Reform

Following the Presidential Election on November 6 where Latino’s and other Immigrant groups likely played a pivotal role in the outcome of the Presidential and Congressional Elections, there has been an enormous amount of chatter relating to Comprehensive Immigration Reform, from both Republicans & Conservatives as well as Democrats.  Both party’s must have realized that not only is Immigration Reform a huge problem that needs to be finally addressed, but the actual Immigrants are powerful votes that potentially are one of the deciding factors in the past election and elections to come.

In the past 2 days, we have had comments supportive of Comprehensive Immigration Reform from President Obama (Democrat), Speaker John Boehner (Republican), Senate Leader Harry Reid (Democrat), Senator Chuck Schumer (Democrat), Senator Marco Rubio (Republican), several Republican Congressional Leaders, and even Conservative Journalists such as Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity.  I think Sean Hannity’s comments stick out the most summarizing the Conservatives position as:

“We’ve gotta get rid of the immigration issue altogether.… Continue reading...

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