Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Obama’s Executive Action for Undocumented Adults

Obama's executive action for undocumented parents

The DAPA executive order expands deferred action to parents of US Citizens and Lawful permanent residents that have been in the United States since January 1, 2010.

Similar to the DACA process, DAPA will require the Applicant to show evidence of their entry in the US, their continuous presence in the US, the parent child relationship with the US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card holder) child.

Eliminating Age Requirement of DACA

Previously deferred action was available to children that were brought to the United States prior to their 16th birthday along with specific age requirements and are under 31 years of age, which uses the acronym DACA.  The new executive order for DACA eliminates the age requirement.  The broader eligibility requirements should make more undocumented immigrants that entered the United States either illegally or overstayed a visa eligible for deferred action.

Pro’s and Con’s of DACA and DAPA

The primary benefit of deferred action is lowering the risk of being deported and gaining employment authorization.  Deferred action is extended to a term of 3 years as opposed to the previously granted two years.  The downside of deferred action is it does not provide immigration status such as permanent residence or naturalization.  To see if you are eligible for DACA or DAPA, please visit our Deferred Action page here.… Continue reading...

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Executive Action makes you King?

President Obama had been rumoring using executive action for the past month or two, prior to the mid term elections. In other words, President Obama has been stating that, now, all of a sudden he would like to unilaterally push for immigration reform by bypassing congress. What is concerning is the flipping and flopping on this issue. Back in October 2010, when President Obama obviously controlled the Executive branch of the United States government and the democrats controlled both houses of Congress (House of Representatives and the Senate), he made the comments below on Univision.

President Obama stated:
“I’ve met with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus many times, I’ve met with immigration rights groups many times. I have not backed off of this issue. Just a few months ago, I gave a speech outlining very clearly my support for comprehensive immigration reform. My cabinet has been working very hard on trying to get it done, but ultimately, I think somebody said the other day, I am president, I am not king.… Continue reading...

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform: The next 2 years a question mark?

The Republicans took control of the Senate, which means the Republicans now have control of Congress. Immediately after the 2012 Presidential election, the Republicans were vowing Immigration reform, as they learned that the Latino vote was a important contributor to President Obama’s reelection. It’s no secret that many in the Latino community are in support of immigration reform. After President Obama’s reelection in 2012, he vowed action on Immigration reform. 2 years later, nothing. No action, only talk a couple of weeks prior to the 2014 mid-term elections whereby President Obama promised Executive action on immigration reform. While the republicans did not run on immigration reform, President Obama did. As an immigration lawyer, it’s important to try and stay up to date on pending immigration legislation. As of now, the waters are very murky. All we have to go on are the reputations of both parties at the moment. Perhaps as the new Congress prepares to take effect in January 2015 we will have more information.… Continue reading...

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Election Posturing or For Real? Millions of blank green cards and work permits being ordered?

There are news reports that USCIS is ordering millions of green cards in anticipation of President Obama unilaterally acting and providing amnesty to persons undocumented in the United States. With the mid-term elections 2 weeks away, the timing seems very suspicious. It is no secret that the Latino community is disappointed (to say the least) with broken promises of the White House acting on Immigration. The White House had 2 years of Democratic controlled House and Senate, so essentially free reign to pass any kind of legislation it wanted. Those 2 years were blown opportunities in the eyes of the Latino Community. Nevertheless, the Latino community backed President Obama in his 2012 reelection, and it was thought that the Latino vote made the difference. After the election vote, President Obama made promises to get immigration reform done in 2013. On the flip side, Republicans in 2012 seemed anxious to pursue immigration reform as a key to their future of controlling the House and Senate.… Continue reading...

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Immigration Reform: Will Registered Provisional Status Lead to Permanent Residence?

Undocumented immigrants

Senate Bill 744, otherwise known as the Gang of Eight’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill was passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and has begun debate on the Senate floor.  While debating the bill on the Senate floor, it is my hope that a special emphasis on the visa numbers is analyzed and discussed.  It is my opinion that the current Immigration system has been severely damaged due to the insufficient Immigrant Visa Numbers and the lack of available non-immigrant and immigration visa options.  Big picture the structure of the Senate Bill is fair and does address the current problem.  But as we all know the devil is in the details and the details that caused the current immigration problem should be analyzed, solutions proposed and debated.  In other words, does Senate Bill 744 address the causes of the current immigration problem?  More specifically, are there adequate visa numbers available to eliminate the backlog and allow the current undocumented persons in the US a realistic path to citizenship?… Continue reading...

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