Marriage Based Green Card

Marriage-based green card immigration.

Demand for Permanent Residence in the United States – Unfortunately Supply is Outpaced by Demand!

There was a recent article from the New York Times entitled “Wary of Future, Professionals Leave China in Record Numbers”    The gist of the article is that Chinese professionals are leaving China due to their concern over the Chinese government’s communist policies and leaving for Western countries such as the U.S., Australia, and India.  The article stated that in 2011,” the United States received 87,000 permanent residents from China, up from 70,000 the year before. Chinese immigrants are driving real estate booms in places as varied as Midtown Manhattan, where some enterprising agents are learning Mandarin, to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, which offers a route to a European Union passport.”

I definitely agree with the economic catalyst that immigration from overseas professionals provides to the United States.  Clearly the professionals from China contribute a great deal to their communities in terms of economic benefits, skilled labor, and in social diversity.  The problem in my opinion and experience as an Immigration Lawyer, is that the U.S.Continue reading...

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform – Is it finally here?

Immigration Reform

Following the Presidential Election on November 6 where Latino’s and other Immigrant groups likely played a pivotal role in the outcome of the Presidential and Congressional Elections, there has been an enormous amount of chatter relating to Comprehensive Immigration Reform, from both Republicans & Conservatives as well as Democrats.  Both party’s must have realized that not only is Immigration Reform a huge problem that needs to be finally addressed, but the actual Immigrants are powerful votes that potentially are one of the deciding factors in the past election and elections to come.

In the past 2 days, we have had comments supportive of Comprehensive Immigration Reform from President Obama (Democrat), Speaker John Boehner (Republican), Senate Leader Harry Reid (Democrat), Senator Chuck Schumer (Democrat), Senator Marco Rubio (Republican), several Republican Congressional Leaders, and even Conservative Journalists such as Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity.  I think Sean Hannity’s comments stick out the most summarizing the Conservatives position as:

“We’ve gotta get rid of the immigration issue altogether.… Continue reading...

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Same Sex Marriage = Marriage Green Card or Fiancé Green Card?

Gay Marriage Green Card

Update: The U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, also known as DOMA.

One of the perks of being a Chicago Immigration Lawyer or an Immigration Lawyer in general is meeting people of all walks of life.  We work with clients on their immigration matters from not only Chicago, but around the U.S. and the world and we get to work on some of the most interesting issues.  A challenging part is that the U.S. Immigration Laws are not sufficient to deal with the many inquiries we receive.  One common question we regularly receive is on the topic of gay marriage.  The question that generally arises is “I married my partner overseas or in California…etc, can we file a Marriage Green Card Application?”  The simple answer unfortunately is no.  The not so simple answer is, even though some states recognize same sex marriage, the U.S. government does not.  Immigration Law is Federal, meaning state laws are not controlling but rather U.S.… Continue reading...

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Celebrity Immigration 101 – Divorce, EB1 Green Card, O-1 Visa

Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s current divorce and hypothetical effects on Russell Brand’s immigration status.  As we all know, Katy Perry is a famous pop singer and to my knowledge a US Citizen.  Russell Brand is an actor and comedian from England who married Katy Perry in October 2010.  The marriage attracted quite a bit of publicity as they are both young and famous in their own right and in their own country – United States and Britain.  So based on Russel Brand’s background as a foreign national in the United States, what immigration options does he possibly have?

EB1 Extraordinary Ability Green Card
Let’s assume that Russell did not file for a National Interest Waiver or EB1 based on Extraordinary Ability.  Whether Russell’s past performances are “extraordinary” is debatable.  However, as an immigration lawyer that works on all type of employment and family based immigration cases, I am confident of getting his EB1 Extraordinary Ability approved.… Continue reading...

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Celebrity Immigration 101: Tiger Woods Ex-wife’s Immigration Journey!

In law school, we learn through case studies and from those cases we create hypothetical.  There is a lot of value in creating different scenarios and analyzing a legal situation from different angles.  Viewing situations from different angles due to different scenarios creates a strong understanding.  Going forward I would like to review current topics for foreign celebrities and do an analysis.  This should aid our readers in understanding immigration and perhaps get a better idea of their current immigration situation.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren
The first case study is Elin Nordegren, the former spouse of Tiger Woods.  As you know, Tiger Woods was the world’s number one golfer and may be among the best golfers that has ever played the game.  Tiger and his former wife Elin had an argument and Tiger Woods was found outside of his mansion wounded in his SUV.  There is speculation that Elin was chasing Tiger with a golf club.… Continue reading...

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