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If I apply for a tourist visa (B visa), will I be able to eventually obtain a green card?

In short, yes. There are two major areas of immigration law, permanent resident and non-permanent resident immigration. Many of you know permanent residence to mean obtaining a green card, which can ultimately lead to United States Citizenship. Non-permanent residence (also known as a non immigrant visa) includes temporary visas such as tourist visas (B1 or B2 visa) or temporary work visas (H1-B temporary skilled worker visa) or even fiancé visas (k1 visa) and spouse visas (k3 visas).

Temporary visas can sometimes be a good start to legally living in the United States before applying for permanent residence. For example, a fiancé visa can quickly lead to a conditional green card through marriage. A marriage visa can also lead to a green card. Some temporary work visas can lead to a employment based green card through proper planning and application.… Continue reading...

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